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Curved OLED Touchscreens Dominate Audi prologue Concept

Holy mackerel. Now we know why Tony Stark phoned in such a lame performance for Iron Man 3; he was busy working on the Audi prologue. The prologue is actually the first concept from Audi’s new chief of design, Marc Lichte. We could very well see this, however, as a product from a fictional MIT […]

Special Tax Write-Off For Business Vehicles Ends By 2015

Note: This article does not constitute tax advice. Tax law is subject to change. Talk to your tax advisor for full details. If you are a small business owner and drive a lot for your business, a specific tax exemption could save you money. IRS Section 179 includes a vehicle depreciation write-off for 2014. It […]

Audi Poised To Unveil First Vehicle From New Design Chief

Ah, Audi, you lovable bunch of emotion-shunning people, you. In a recent interview, Audi’s chief of design, Marc Lichte, was talking about the themes for a new concept car Audi is about to unveil at the Los Angeles Motor Show this month. His eyes casting about the room for a linguistic toe-hold, Lichte sprang for […]

Video Review Lets 2015 TT Rip Up the Road

In the expanding universe of Audi cars, the TT has the distinction of being the purest sports car. Sure, the R8 is the super car, and the RS models give you plenty of thrills. But in terms of the platonic ideal of two doors, a fit body and two streaks of burnt rubber leading toward […]

Audi and Friends Plot to Bring Carbon Fiber Cost Down

Is it just us, or do automakers love the word “consortium”? Right up there with “performance,” “world-class,” and “wheels” we have to read this week about how Audi is joining something that rhymes with “smooshmortium” and is dedicated to bringing the cost of carbon fiber down 90 percent within six years. If it was a […]

How Automakers Are Creating Stronger Data Security

We use our smartphones a lot. Checking email, texting friends, scheduling time together—these are just a few of the many ways that technology is improving our lives. Our cars, too, are offering more technologies to keep up with the times. But one of the big challenges that technology faces is security. 2014 will likely be […]

How Cold Weather Affects Tire Pressure, Performance, and Safety

So you’re on the way out to your car, dressed for work, briefcase in one hand, coffee in the other. It’s been a rough morning and you’re leaving five minutes late, so you’re thinking about possible shortcuts you could take. It’s also been getting progressively colder, and today you can see your breath as you […]

Audi Looks To Expand RS Models in North America

If you’re a performance automaker facing increasing CO2 and pollution restrictions, what do you do? For Audi, the response is to forge ahead with RS models and as Jeff Goldblum’s character in Jurassic Park said, “Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, find a way.” This is basically what Audi’s RS captain, Heinz Peter Hollerweger, recently […]

The Bleeding Edge Robots and Lasers That Made Your Audi

“All I need is free because I’m a factory.” -Ben Folds Five, Jackson Cannery MIT’s Technology Review has a new article up about the manufacturing processes that go into making Audi vehicles in Ingolstadt, Germany, and we are impressed. The article focuses on just how automated everything is from the sensing of what vehicle is […]