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NYIAS: A3 To Get “Sportback” Version in the Summer of 2015

Station wagon fans/tall people, rejoice! The news from the New York International Auto Show is that Audi is releasing a “sportback” diesel version of the new A3 in the summer of 2015. That means that the new A3 sedan will now feature three extra versions: a convertible, performance-minded S3, and now wagon. What’s next, a […]

Do You Like Working On Cars? Come to Our April 24 Career Night

Often we are asked, “Are you hiring?” While Leith is always looking for talented, hard-working, creative and good-natured people, we are having a Career Night on April 24 specifically for people who want to be an automotive service technician. Many people say that the most important aspect of a job—more so than benefits, vacation time, […]

A3 Launch Event Happens to Great Fanfare

At this moment, an all-new Audi A3 is ensconced among its kin at Audi Raleigh. Poised to rouse consumers with its prowess and debonair style, this entry-level luxury sedan enjoyed a successful launch at the North Hills Commons this past Thursday, April 3rd. Dozens of people, some who were fortunate passersby, met with our brand […]

Previewing the 2015 TT in Audi Headquarters

With all the models Audi is releasing, conceptualizing, leaking, designing and previewing, it can be easy to lose track of one or two in the shuffle. The TT, however, is one that should definitely stay at the top of your list. Digital Trends was recently invited by Audi to Ingolstadt, Germany, to keep some the […]

Audi Creates the George Costanza of Parking Apps

Ever since ancient man invented the wheel, he has been jockeying with his fellows for the best place to park it, stone or otherwise. Audi is aiming to solve this by letting you know whether there are any spots open on your favorite street. How? By receiving city data and feeding it to an app […]

These Cities Swapped Out Freeways for Gardens and It Worked Out Fine

Editor’s Note: We are going to acknowledge right off the bat that this post is based on Gizmodo’s fantastic piece, “6 Freeway Removals That Changed Their Cities Forever”   Once upon a time, the automobile was born. Wheat-chewing farmers and cigar-chomping industrialists regarded the new machine with wonder and avarice, respectively. Baseball-loving boys and gradually-liberated […]

Audi Raleigh Service Department Awarded #1 Audi U.S. Dealership

Saying that your service department is ranked number one in the nation is a big claim, but after a recent competition Audi coordinated among its dealerships, Audi Raleigh has hard data to back it. Audi Raleigh’s service department recently took first place in a competition for customer satisfaction, both in its size group (medium-sized dealerships) […]

Hide Your Seats, Hide Your Lights

“I was just gobsmacked.” That’s the way Adam McKenzie, a London-based energy trader, regarded the devastation unleashed upon his RS4 after seeing the windows smashed in. He started the day as most of us do: annoying alarm clock to jolt him out of slumber, maybe a quick work-out to get his energy level up for […]

Launch of the A3 Draws Near

With all the promotion that Audi has going on for the launch of the A3, you can tell that the automaker is just a wee bit excited (Happy St. Patty’s Day, lads!). We have our own launch event on April 3, but despite all the promotion videos and buzz and events, we want to focus […]