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New Model: Audi Expands SUV Line-Up With Q8 In Development

Utilizing the obscure “Americanize It” clause in their corporate manifesto, Audi has announced plans to build a new SUV above the full-size Q7. The Q8 will be produced before the end of the decade, according to Audi. It will be larger than the Q7, though possibly with a more coupe-like design. Because Audi has been […]

Q3 Gets a Style Upgrade for 2016, Mirrors A3, Q7 and TT Designs

Though it landed on our shores a scant six months ago, Audi showed off a freshly revamped version of the Q3 at the Detroit Auto Show this week. However, Audi executives do not intend to update all vehicles every six months from now on. The Q3 has been in production in Europe since 2011, so […]

Self-Driving A7, Smartwatch and Tablet Mark Audi at CES 2015

Audi knew they would have to do something dramatic to stand out at the Consumer Electronics Show happening this week in Las Vegas. It’s an annual event with a lot of reporters; how to make a splash? The answer was to arrive in the longest computer driven road trip in recent memory: a 550 mile […]

Audi Readying New Crossover Q1 SUV for 2016 Debut

One year ago, one of the very first things we wrote about on this blog was Audi’s plan for a Q1 crossover SUV. With Audi’s official artwork above, we all got excited for monster truck, moon rover mash-up. With 12 additional months of tidbits, we have an update on the progress of the Audi Q1. […]

Audi prologue Actually a Preview of Next-Gen A6, A7 and A8

Digital Trends recently interviewed Marc Lichte, chief designer at Audi, to talk about the prologue concept and what it means for future Audi vehicles. Audi showed the prologue concept last month at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It’s an interesting interview because it shows that the prologue bends the rules of what a concept vehicle […]

Top 6 Driving Apps and Audi Gifts For 2014 Winter Holidays

We have no doubt that you are beyond saturated with gift recommendations by now. When we walked into a store this year before Halloween and noticed red-and-green holiday items on the shelf, we knew it had already begun. However, there are plenty of us who like to take our time when choosing our gifts. In […]

Audi Bringing PHEV Diesel-Electric Engine to Q7 Soon

In Audi’s campaign to show that it has more news offerings in its basket than the North Pole has candy canes, master of revelry and this year’s holiday party organizer Ulrich Hackenberg said that Audi will reveal a company-first diesel plug-in hybrid electric Q7 in January at the Detroit Auto Show. [Note: Hackenberg is also […]

Audi Hints That Tesla-Fighter Is Coming, and New Ur-quattro

As we get into the final month of 2014, we wanted to wrap up Audi’s news from the L.A. Auto Show. Two stories in particular deserve attention: one for how it looks to the past, and the other for how it looks to the future. First up is new head designer Marc Lichte’s statement that […]

Best Thanksgiving Dinners in Raleigh, Durham, Cary and Chapel Hill

As one of the busiest holidays of the year, Thanksgiving can be pretty packed. Visiting with loved ones, shopping, napping, and all the wonderful hobbies we enjoy can take up the entire day. One way to make your time simpler is to sample a local restaurant for your Thanksgiving dinner. You can skip the dishwashing, […]